Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Get Rid of Slugs and Snails Naturally Let the Party Begin!

There are many conventional ways to get rid of slugs and snails. There are many commercial products out there that will do that just fine. I say LETS HAVE A PARTY.... Killing Slugs With Beer. Not only is this effective for slug control in the garden but also for snail control in the yard.
The natural way to get rid of slugs and snails and exterminate them for good is to have a beer party or a slug or snail fest.
The easiest way is to put beer in a shallow container and they will come from all corners of the earth just do drink themselves to death. The best way I ever threw a party for these lowly slithering critters was to use an empty 10-20-oz pop container put about an inch of beer in it dig a shallow hole place bottle in hole at about a 45 degree angle where opening meets ground level and send out the invites.
I like the pop bottle idea over the shallow container for several reasons. Fido won't join the party. Rain and sprinklers won't ruin the party and once party seems to be over cap the bottle throw in trash and insert another bottle and send out more invites. Be forewarned that you will find many freeloading lowlifes joining your party.
I have also heard that the use of household ammonia as a slug killer is effective.
Though you would have to research that one yourself.

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