Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mole Extermination

Ground mole extermination is the best way to get rid of moles. Trapping moles is the ultimate solution to your mole problem other than a shotgun mole trap. I have used a form of homemade mole traps. The first way is a mole pit trap. That is you dig a hole far enough below the mole runway and where you can place a small planter in the hole where the top edges are level with the runway holes. When the mole falls in it can't get out. Problem is you still have to perform the mole extermination. The second method for home made mole traps is using a standard mouse traps. How to set a mouse trap for moles is to put it perpendicular to the runway holes after you have dug the hole and place the trap so the lever lines up with the holes. Mole extermination is not easy but setting mole traps is the most effective method and the answer to mole problems. How to get rid of moles animal is a challenge as there are many home products for mole removal such as castor oil mole control, chili powder mole repellent, electronic mole deterrents, mole control pellets, spear mole traps, electronic mole repeller and other various home remedies for mole control and other mole solutions.

Recommended Mole Control Products