Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Get Rid of Moles or how to Eliminate and Exterminate.

You can't beat a good old fashion scissor mole trap they work well and are effective for killing moles. I find that even mouse traps work just as well. You locate the runway using a thin metal rod and dig it up to where the two ends of the tunnel are even with the runway. The best place to start is to find a few mole hills about 6-10 feet apart and work about 1-2 feet back from the hill. Then pack the dirt down use garden gloves to mask human scent just make sure they were only used around soil and not chemicals. Place the set mouse trap perpendicular to the runway. Cover the hole with a board so no light gets in. The mole comes moseying along and BAM ... lights out sweet dreams. Mouse traps are also cheaper and are place perpendicular in the runway ... just in case you forget where you placed that last trap. I guess I don't like using the neighbors metal detector to locate that last lost trap. Another method I have heard of to capture live moles is to use a pit trap. You dig a hole, one deep enough to place a planter in where the edge of the small planter is level with the runway. You could even use a 1 liter pop bottle with the top cut off. Mole comes running along, falls in can't get out. You have to find a place to release it. Maybe the mother inlaws or the ex-spouses yard but at least it is humane way to eliminate and control moles. There are deterrents I hear that work but may be less effective. Planting daffodils or a "mole plant" also known as caper spurge around the yard. I guess moles just don't like their presence. There are other things suggested that are suppose to discourage moles such as ultrasonic or electronic mole control devices.
I have found that ultrasonic devices work with bats and flying insects but I am not quite convinced they work against moles when I planted one and had to dig it out of a mole hill the following evening.
The best story I have to tell about very effective mole control is when I heard a loud blast go off in the nighborhood. I went outside and did not see a thing. THe next night I had asked my nieghbor if he had heard anything and he said that was probably me and he said he had got another mole. I said with what he said with a shotgun. WOW geezers. Well when I had a wise bigg mole pushing dirt up against many a traps I told him he is more than welcome to com into my yard and camp out to get this mole that was "messing" with my traps. One night I drove up the driveway and there he was hovering over a mole hill with a shotgun. He said boy that is a wise one he quit diggin within 10 feet of his approach and it was the second time that day. I told him see I told you so he is a wise ol' mole. Eventually about a week later after very carefully placing my traps according to instruction and packing the soil I caught that mole. Most are not that hard to catch though...I will say that the shotgun method is as effective as the traps but it takes a lot of patience.

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