Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rat Control How To Get Rid Of Rats

How to get rid of rats? Commercial rat traps and and rat trapping is the best rat control methods. Signs of rat problems is rat droppings that look like little black grains of rice. You will find these where there is activity such under furniture cabinets attics and usually where there is a food source. Mice dropping look the same but are generally smaller. Rat control is very much like mice control just that the traps are larger. The reason I prefer rat traps over lethal rat bait or rat poison is that if your dog ate rat poison it could mess them up or kill them this includes any other pets such as cats as the ingredients in rat poison are often poisonous. There is a pet safe rat poison on the market. The effects of rat poison ingested by a dog or cat or any other pet can be blood in feces or urine but if in doubt call the vet for advice. The best rat bait I have found for a rat trap is peanut butter.
There are many other rat control methods such as electric rat traps, rat poison boxes or a rat bait station, live rat traps, electronic rat traps and glue rat traps. It all depends on if you are trapping rats in the house or trapping around pets or animals such as rat control on farms. Pest control products vary in effectiveness.

Rat Control Products