Thursday, October 07, 2004

Get Rid of Birds Starlings Crows Disco On Dewd .

It can be challenging to get rid of birds starlings or crows. I never could figure out a way to discourage birds from picking my fruit apart especially cherries. I decided to throw a disco party with a little recent high tech thrown in. CD's ... well not exactly. Vinyl would never work the same. Do you burn CD's that don't take or get CD's in the mail to install internet services but never use them and just toss them out? Yes they do make great college dorm coasters and they are easy to clean. If you graduated and bought that 50 acre dewd ranch or 1/2 acre upscale home in a rural area that has fruit trees well save those unwanted or screwed up burns. They work great as bird deterrents or contolling a starling problem, starling control or sparrow control. Just hang several on a tree using string or fishing line and the strobing flashing effect just drives starlings and crows crazy ... crazy enough to leave your prized treasures ( fruit ) alone!!! Believe me I have tried Barry Manilow CD's hopping that some sort of quasi osmosis effect would have an added effect .... nope. Just about any discarded or unwanted CD works. Another solution for bird problems motion activated scarecrows solar powered. These run on the sun as sence bird activity and come to life to scare birds away.

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