Thursday, October 07, 2004

Weed Killer Control Weeds Around Wells Pets and Children!

Control weeds naturally. You can make weed killer with white vinigar. If your like some of us who have wells we may not want to use commercial weed and grass killers around our well. I have found that purchasing a gallon of white vinegar to kill and control weeds will do the trick. It's preferable you do it on a warm or hot day. Just empty the vinegar into a pump sprayer and spray on a warm or hot day where there will be no rain for a few days. I usually add a drop or two of biodegradable detergent as it helps cut the waxy surface on leaves such as clover and thissle and other hard to kill weeds. It may take two applications. Make sure you rinse out that sprayer well as the acid in the vinegar will destroy any metal parts in the sprayer. Your yard may smell like a Pickle Factory for a few days and the neighbors may think your starting a new business! Use this weed killer to control weeds at your own risk!