Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bee Stings Treatment Therapy Hornets Wasps Yellow Jackets.

Bee stings hurt! When Bees sting you are messing with flying critters that have WMD Weapons of Mass Discouragement I will have to mention that nothing sucks worse than a sting. Have you ever been to an Asian restaurant and they ask you how many star would you you like your food! Well bee stings are like one star enough to say I think I noticed that something may have bit me and wasps are like 3-4 star sorta makes your eyes tear a bit or add a few rarely used words to your dailey vocabulary. I know some people whose vocabulary make you think they got stung by a jellyfish several times a day. Ever get stung by a jelly fish well that is somthing like 5-6 star off the scale just for reference I know it smarts.
Stinging insects suck and the best way to alleviate the sting or venom is to use some good old fashioned meat tenderizer. If you have a serious reaction or have difficulty breathing don't mess with my suggestions call 911. Onion is suppose to work and so is baking soda. The meat tenderizer is good just remove stinger if it was a bee and make a little paste from the tenderizer and it should drop that sting a star or two.