Saturday, October 30, 2004

My Dang Mole Problem

I have realized I must have Osama Bin Laden Moles. Just Like Osama they they hide between two territories ... you have Pakistan and Afghanistan. Well I have my yard and the neighbors. I have some rather sophisticated traps a scissors trap and a chocker style trap yet I still can't get rid of moles completely. They make threatening gestures like poke fun at me and leave tell tale signs like more tunnels and mole hills and I chase behind them but like any typical vermin rats and mice or other rodents they make their presence known then scurry away. I have concluded that moles have no honor they attack at random taugnt you and make fun of you but never show face. Just like any good mole hunter, persistence makes headway and makes the hunt worthwhile. These are just my thoughts on getting rid of moles. I caught two of these lowlifes last week.