Thursday, October 21, 2004

Get Rid of Yellow Jackets Wasps Hornets It's Miller Time

It never amazes me that yellow jackets hornets wasps all have a craving for the some stuff most barbeque parties do ... BEER. It is ironic that slugs and snails love the same stuff. Even green grass and lawns love it too too bad when lawns are green and healthy it is hard to get rid of moles but that is a hole (no pun) nother subject! If you have a healthy lawn you have worms green grass a good environment for clover and well something that is just right for moles but that is another topic ... right? Next barbeque party just make sure you leave a few beer bottles on the perimeter of the party yes bottles they have a little problem exiting them once they enter. Just make sure those bottles have some beer in them it is poison-free wasp control wasp control environmentally friendly. Just make sure that when you slug your beer down there isn't a yellow jacket hornet or wasp waiting to take revenge. Bees could care less a bee has no desire to partake in a barbeque. That is where a beer mug comes in handy at least you can see what you will slug down. I will talk about beer and green lawns in a later posting.

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