Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mole FAQ OPPS I Meant Facts and Good Traps.

Now there are two types of mole traps I am particularly fond of the scissor trap and a choker type called Mole Ranger. They are the most effective mole trap for me and the only type I will buy. Here are some essential FAQ s opps I meant facts about moles.
The male mole does most of the tunneling.
The female is harder to catch ... humm
Bubble gum and exlax won't mess them up ... er my neighbor may figure this out one day.. nice guy by the way.
The other neighbor has the best method a shotgun but that was discussed in a previous post.
Try to get moles before winter as spring will bring you many more yep you guessed it baby moles.
Ground glass or razor blades don't do it.
Moles are active all year.
Check the mole traps if after 3-4 four days of no activity relocate the mole trap.
Happy mole hunting.
Next post I will be talking of ways to get rid of mosquitoes .

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