Monday, November 01, 2004

Skunk Odor Removal Get Rid Of Skunk Smell

If your dog ever get skunked you know that to get rid of skunk odor can be rather tough. My dog got skunked and so have my friends. I realized from my friends experience that tomato juice and many comercial products don't work. Removing skunk smell is not that bad. I soon discovered a home remedy that works. If you have a large dog like mine double the ingredients. How do I get skunk spray off of a dog or skunk smells on dogs? My home remedy for skunk smell skunk odor neutralizer skunk deodorizing pet shampoo.

1 box of baking soda
1 pint of hydrogen peroxide
1 squirt of dish soap

Mix the ingredients together and with rubber gloves apply to dog with a sponge in a tub or bathtub. Don't premix the ingredients as they only last about 1/2 hour and if lidded the container will explode. Make sure fido is saturated avoid the eyes at all costs. Let it stand on the dog for about 5 minutes rinse well then follow with a normal dog bath. To to get rid of houses skunk smell or remove skunk odor from clothing use a oxiginated product such as Oxyclean let it stand overnight in tub then wash again seperately in washer. Use for carpets test for color fastness this will eliminate or help remove skunk smell from the house.
Use at your own risk.
The fun part is trapping or finding a way to get rid of the skunk.