Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Get Rid of Moles Winter

Get rid of moles. It is winter and moles seem inactive. Moles tend to dig less and use existing tunnels in the winter. Moles usually go deeper into existing tunnels in the winter. Trapping moles is still the best method. Plan on getting those scissor traps. Mole smoke bombs work if you missed a mole with a pitch fork and know where an active tunnel is about 20-30 yards away and have those smoke bombs ready along with a shovel. Make sure you handle all mole traps with garden gloves that have nothing but garden smells on them no oil or gas smells. I have found much greater success trapping moles when using garden gloves.

For more details on how to get rid of moles and set mole traps pleas visit my previous post.

Recommended Mole Traps

Friday, December 03, 2004

Get Rid of Ticks How to Remove

Ticks can be fun to get rid of or remove. The best way to remove or get rid of a tick is to use a pair of tweezers. Despite all the other methods from gasoline to burning the tick you risk leaving the head of the tick under your skin. Use a pair of tweezers and gently pull the tick out or back it out. If the ticks head remains you will need to dislodge that and may even require a needle just like how you would get rid of a splinter. Avoid touching the tick and after it is removed make sure you wash the area with a disinfectant or soap.

Recommended Tick Control Products