Sunday, March 27, 2005

Get Rid of Moles Spring

How to get rid of moles ; mole extermination ... it is that time of year again where yard and garden moles are in full force again digging mole hills. I prefer mole control using mole traps but other mole pest control products work. Visit my previous post on how to get rid of moles.

Recommended Mole Traps

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Natural Flea Control Program

A natural flea control program will consist of patience and persistence. I have found when trying to get rid of fleas or dog fleas the best way is tea tree oil. Put about 10 drops of tea tree oil in about 8 ounces of the dogs shampoo. Fleas hate tea tree oil and it makes a good natural organic flea contol product. Rinse the dog really well. I have also found that a few drops of tea tree oil on the dogs collar helps act as a natural flea control flea collar. Vacuum regularly all floors and wash bedding even with a several drops of the oil. Fleas also hate citrus products and wiping furniture and cleaning floors with a product that contains lemon or citrus really helps control fleas and get rid of fleas naturally.

Recommended Flea Control Pests Products

Friday, March 18, 2005

Get Rid of Mouse Trap Mice Control Kill Bait

Trap and control mice successfully. I find that a mouse trap bait is peanut butter, peanut butter and mouse traps are the best combination. The best mouse traps are effective mouse traps. When trapping mice with a conventional spring loaded mouse trap and when you set a mouse trap just use peanut butter on the lever as bait. You can also chose a humane mouse trap or what is called a live mouse trap. In my opinion there is no better mouse trap than a trap that gets the job done.
If you have a barn or outbuilding you can give a cat from the pound an extra life by adopting it. I would recommend feeding and giving the cat water like any other pet as the presence of a cat and its ability to prey on mice will control mice.
There are live mouse traps or humane mouse traps for those of you who for not like to kill mice. How to get rid of mice in a home? I have heard that peppermint get rid of mice if placed around the house or points of entry. If all else fails and you can't get rid of mice you can try to get rid of mice using mothballs.

Recommended Rated Mouse Traps Mice Control Products

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Get Rid of and Control Carpenter Ants

Get rid of and control carpenter ants. When carpenter ants are found around the home it is an indication that you may have carpenter ants in you home or foundation. They like moisture and usually do not eat wood but tend to burrow into moist and decaying wood. A product I use contains diazinon and is a powder. Sprinkling it onto their trails and onto their nest entries work well and several applications usually do the job as they carry the powder back to the next and it will kill control and eliminate the carpenter ants. If you have problems locating the nest or trails going outside with a flachlight when it is dark will help you find the carpenter ants trails or nest. What do carpenter ants look like? Carpenter ants look like regular ants but much larger.

Recommended Rated Ant Control Products

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Get Rid of Deer

How do I get rid of deer out of my yard or garden. Deer love garden plants and strawberries and flowers. Deer hate predators and a dog or two in the yard will work. Controlling deer with netting or chicken wire helps. I have heard that ornamental grasses will tend to keep deer away as funguses that grow on them are poisonous. Coyote or fox urine is a good deterrent for controlling deer and my friend swears that it works.

Recommended Deer Control Products