Saturday, October 30, 2004

My Dang Mole Problem

I have realized I must have Osama Bin Laden Moles. Just Like Osama they they hide between two territories ... you have Pakistan and Afghanistan. Well I have my yard and the neighbors. I have some rather sophisticated traps a scissors trap and a chocker style trap yet I still can't get rid of moles completely. They make threatening gestures like poke fun at me and leave tell tale signs like more tunnels and mole hills and I chase behind them but like any typical vermin rats and mice or other rodents they make their presence known then scurry away. I have concluded that moles have no honor they attack at random taugnt you and make fun of you but never show face. Just like any good mole hunter, persistence makes headway and makes the hunt worthwhile. These are just my thoughts on getting rid of moles. I caught two of these lowlifes last week.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Get Rid of Squirrels

How to get rid of squirrels? The best way to get rid of squirrels is the same as getting rid of moles that is by trapping them. I still can't get my Catahoula Leopard Dog to catch or trap a squirrel even though I say squirrel she is looking up in the trees but not willing to climb but when I say mole she'll go for the freshest mole hill and dig for China ... go figure. The only difference is to use a live trap when trapping squirrels. There are many commercial traps available online and you can find them on this site or locally. The best bait is dried corn on the cob. Catch and release usually by taking them for a ride to the outskirts of town where there are trees. A friend of mine takes the squirrels and a favorite bait is peanuts in the shell. After a few catches the squirrels usually catch on and will start digging under the trap to get the bait. Just attatch a piece of plywood to the bottom of the trap. Use gloves when handling the traped squirrel.

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Get Rid of Yellow Jackets Wasps Hornets It's Miller Time

It never amazes me that yellow jackets hornets wasps all have a craving for the some stuff most barbeque parties do ... BEER. It is ironic that slugs and snails love the same stuff. Even green grass and lawns love it too too bad when lawns are green and healthy it is hard to get rid of moles but that is a hole (no pun) nother subject! If you have a healthy lawn you have worms green grass a good environment for clover and well something that is just right for moles but that is another topic ... right? Next barbeque party just make sure you leave a few beer bottles on the perimeter of the party yes bottles they have a little problem exiting them once they enter. Just make sure those bottles have some beer in them it is poison-free wasp control wasp control environmentally friendly. Just make sure that when you slug your beer down there isn't a yellow jacket hornet or wasp waiting to take revenge. Bees could care less a bee has no desire to partake in a barbeque. That is where a beer mug comes in handy at least you can see what you will slug down. I will talk about beer and green lawns in a later posting.

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Get Rid of Neighbors From Hell

Get rid of Neighbors from hell is not the hard. I must state when we lived in town a few years back I had way too much time on my hands to think about ways to naturally get rid of unwanted neighbors yep we had those types of neighbors. The first thought was to raise sheep in my back yard and if asked I would reply that I use them for religious sacrificial ceremonies after midnight in my back yard. Anyone who has raised sheep know they stink. The dang zoning laws though would not allow me to raise sheep and they knew that. The second idea to get rid of neighbors from hell was to post yard sale signs with their address hoping that aggressive early shoppers would be knocking on their door at 7am for a preview. Problem is the lady across the street always saw everything .. even at 2-4 am in the morning when I would be secretively trying to post those signs. I though about getting a few roosters ... They usually go off at about 4-5 am in the morning about 2 hours after the neighbors keg party ended the roosters would not bother me as I was at work at that time anyhow but then again having barnyard animals in town was a zoning thing. So I tolerated those low life neighbors from hell until we moved out into the county and now realize that my current neighbors make an excellent community.

Mole FAQ OPPS I Meant Facts and Good Traps.

Now there are two types of mole traps I am particularly fond of the scissor trap and a choker type called Mole Ranger. They are the most effective mole trap for me and the only type I will buy. Here are some essential FAQ s opps I meant facts about moles.
The male mole does most of the tunneling.
The female is harder to catch ... humm
Bubble gum and exlax won't mess them up ... er my neighbor may figure this out one day.. nice guy by the way.
The other neighbor has the best method a shotgun but that was discussed in a previous post.
Try to get moles before winter as spring will bring you many more yep you guessed it baby moles.
Ground glass or razor blades don't do it.
Moles are active all year.
Check the mole traps if after 3-4 four days of no activity relocate the mole trap.
Happy mole hunting.
Next post I will be talking of ways to get rid of mosquitoes .

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How to Get Rid of Bats

Humm ... bats are actually a good thing as they do tend to get rid or many other flying insects. If they are invading the home or other outbuildings you need to determine the point of entrance. Bat guano ( bat poop ) is usually the first thing you notice. The best way to deter bats is to use one half inch screen and block the entrance. Bright lights also work to a certain degree on bats and so do electronic ultrasonic devices. If you choose to use netting you risk harming this rather beneficial creature. They are like moles persistent and difficult to exterminate or eliminate. Now my friend probably has a better take on how to get rid of bats. Other than that you are on your own.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Get RId of Gophers a Whack Upside the Head Should do.

Getting rid of Gophers is like getting rid of moles. Traps work best. My neighbor would argue that a 12 gauge works better but he is retired and has more time on his hands and if I was retired I would probably have a 12 gauge. One large rat trap in a runway perpendicular should do the trick just cover the hole you dug to locate and set the trap with a piece of plywood or bucket. Voles, mice and rats and other vermin will use runways that other critters such as moles and gophers have dug.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Get Rid of Tent Caterpillars

Tent Caterpillars can really mess up a fruit tree good. There is really no good way to get rid of tent caterpillars other that cutting off the limb or branch that is infested and burning it. If they are small tents on a large branch you could spray 100% white vinegar and the area that is infested. You do want to get rid of them before they spread.

Bee Stings Treatment Therapy Hornets Wasps Yellow Jackets.

Bee stings hurt! When Bees sting you are messing with flying critters that have WMD Weapons of Mass Discouragement I will have to mention that nothing sucks worse than a sting. Have you ever been to an Asian restaurant and they ask you how many star would you you like your food! Well bee stings are like one star enough to say I think I noticed that something may have bit me and wasps are like 3-4 star sorta makes your eyes tear a bit or add a few rarely used words to your dailey vocabulary. I know some people whose vocabulary make you think they got stung by a jellyfish several times a day. Ever get stung by a jelly fish well that is somthing like 5-6 star off the scale just for reference I know it smarts.
Stinging insects suck and the best way to alleviate the sting or venom is to use some good old fashioned meat tenderizer. If you have a serious reaction or have difficulty breathing don't mess with my suggestions call 911. Onion is suppose to work and so is baking soda. The meat tenderizer is good just remove stinger if it was a bee and make a little paste from the tenderizer and it should drop that sting a star or two.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Get Rid of Yellow Jackets and Wasps.

Just as you are starting your barbecue party yellowjackets and wasps sometimes love to join in. These little guys can be quite bothersome. Fortunately these flying pests can be attracted by the same stuff you are cooking on the grill and they love chicken or most other meat based proteins but chicken seems to work well, especially thighs.
You have probably seen those lure traps you buy and they often encourage you to go out and buy the bait when it is finished. Just use chicken or lunch meat. You can also make your own trap with a 1 or 2 liter bottle. just cut the top third off flip it around use some packing or duck tape to put it back in place and throw the bait in.
Water traps work well too a good ol' 5 gallow bucket or any plastic bucket will fit the bill. Fill it about 1/3 the way up with a squirt of dishsoap and mix. Suspend bait on a string about 2-3 inches above the water. When the wasps or yellowjacket check out the food they will drop and hit the water and drown.

Killing Clover

You know I think I mentioned using detergent or biodegradable soap to eliminate hard to kill weeds. I have found the absolute best way to eliminate clover is to use a liquid weed killer the type that you attatch to a garden hose. Just put a few 4-5 drops of dish detergent in shake well then atatch to hose and apply as usual. Just use at your own discretion. One application in early fall and early spring will do it.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Weed Killer Control Weeds Around Wells Pets and Children!

Control weeds naturally. You can make weed killer with white vinigar. If your like some of us who have wells we may not want to use commercial weed and grass killers around our well. I have found that purchasing a gallon of white vinegar to kill and control weeds will do the trick. It's preferable you do it on a warm or hot day. Just empty the vinegar into a pump sprayer and spray on a warm or hot day where there will be no rain for a few days. I usually add a drop or two of biodegradable detergent as it helps cut the waxy surface on leaves such as clover and thissle and other hard to kill weeds. It may take two applications. Make sure you rinse out that sprayer well as the acid in the vinegar will destroy any metal parts in the sprayer. Your yard may smell like a Pickle Factory for a few days and the neighbors may think your starting a new business! Use this weed killer to control weeds at your own risk!

Get Rid of Birds Starlings Crows Disco On Dewd .

It can be challenging to get rid of birds starlings or crows. I never could figure out a way to discourage birds from picking my fruit apart especially cherries. I decided to throw a disco party with a little recent high tech thrown in. CD's ... well not exactly. Vinyl would never work the same. Do you burn CD's that don't take or get CD's in the mail to install internet services but never use them and just toss them out? Yes they do make great college dorm coasters and they are easy to clean. If you graduated and bought that 50 acre dewd ranch or 1/2 acre upscale home in a rural area that has fruit trees well save those unwanted or screwed up burns. They work great as bird deterrents or contolling a starling problem, starling control or sparrow control. Just hang several on a tree using string or fishing line and the strobing flashing effect just drives starlings and crows crazy ... crazy enough to leave your prized treasures ( fruit ) alone!!! Believe me I have tried Barry Manilow CD's hopping that some sort of quasi osmosis effect would have an added effect .... nope. Just about any discarded or unwanted CD works. Another solution for bird problems motion activated scarecrows solar powered. These run on the sun as sence bird activity and come to life to scare birds away.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Get Rid of Moles or how to Eliminate and Exterminate.

You can't beat a good old fashion scissor mole trap they work well and are effective for killing moles. I find that even mouse traps work just as well. You locate the runway using a thin metal rod and dig it up to where the two ends of the tunnel are even with the runway. The best place to start is to find a few mole hills about 6-10 feet apart and work about 1-2 feet back from the hill. Then pack the dirt down use garden gloves to mask human scent just make sure they were only used around soil and not chemicals. Place the set mouse trap perpendicular to the runway. Cover the hole with a board so no light gets in. The mole comes moseying along and BAM ... lights out sweet dreams. Mouse traps are also cheaper and are place perpendicular in the runway ... just in case you forget where you placed that last trap. I guess I don't like using the neighbors metal detector to locate that last lost trap. Another method I have heard of to capture live moles is to use a pit trap. You dig a hole, one deep enough to place a planter in where the edge of the small planter is level with the runway. You could even use a 1 liter pop bottle with the top cut off. Mole comes running along, falls in can't get out. You have to find a place to release it. Maybe the mother inlaws or the ex-spouses yard but at least it is humane way to eliminate and control moles. There are deterrents I hear that work but may be less effective. Planting daffodils or a "mole plant" also known as caper spurge around the yard. I guess moles just don't like their presence. There are other things suggested that are suppose to discourage moles such as ultrasonic or electronic mole control devices.
I have found that ultrasonic devices work with bats and flying insects but I am not quite convinced they work against moles when I planted one and had to dig it out of a mole hill the following evening.
The best story I have to tell about very effective mole control is when I heard a loud blast go off in the nighborhood. I went outside and did not see a thing. THe next night I had asked my nieghbor if he had heard anything and he said that was probably me and he said he had got another mole. I said with what he said with a shotgun. WOW geezers. Well when I had a wise bigg mole pushing dirt up against many a traps I told him he is more than welcome to com into my yard and camp out to get this mole that was "messing" with my traps. One night I drove up the driveway and there he was hovering over a mole hill with a shotgun. He said boy that is a wise one he quit diggin within 10 feet of his approach and it was the second time that day. I told him see I told you so he is a wise ol' mole. Eventually about a week later after very carefully placing my traps according to instruction and packing the soil I caught that mole. Most are not that hard to catch though...I will say that the shotgun method is as effective as the traps but it takes a lot of patience.

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Get Rid of Slugs and Snails Naturally Let the Party Begin!

There are many conventional ways to get rid of slugs and snails. There are many commercial products out there that will do that just fine. I say LETS HAVE A PARTY.... Killing Slugs With Beer. Not only is this effective for slug control in the garden but also for snail control in the yard.
The natural way to get rid of slugs and snails and exterminate them for good is to have a beer party or a slug or snail fest.
The easiest way is to put beer in a shallow container and they will come from all corners of the earth just do drink themselves to death. The best way I ever threw a party for these lowly slithering critters was to use an empty 10-20-oz pop container put about an inch of beer in it dig a shallow hole place bottle in hole at about a 45 degree angle where opening meets ground level and send out the invites.
I like the pop bottle idea over the shallow container for several reasons. Fido won't join the party. Rain and sprinklers won't ruin the party and once party seems to be over cap the bottle throw in trash and insert another bottle and send out more invites. Be forewarned that you will find many freeloading lowlifes joining your party.
I have also heard that the use of household ammonia as a slug killer is effective.
Though you would have to research that one yourself.

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