Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bat Houses Mosquito Control Products

Bat houses attract bats and you may not want to get rid of bats or control bats as they are the best natural mosquito control system available. I recommend placing bat houses out away from the house and put them up in a tree. Attracting bats will help control mosquitoes and control flying insects. Bat Houses Designs vary quite a bit as there are wooden bat houses, synthetic bat houses and for those who like to do it yourself building bat houses is not that difficult. Bats tend to eat more flying insects than birds; talk about automated mosquito control or natural insect control.

Bat Houses

Pest Control Products

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rat Control How To Get Rid Of Rats

How to get rid of rats? Commercial rat traps and and rat trapping is the best rat control methods. Signs of rat problems is rat droppings that look like little black grains of rice. You will find these where there is activity such under furniture cabinets attics and usually where there is a food source. Mice dropping look the same but are generally smaller. Rat control is very much like mice control just that the traps are larger. The reason I prefer rat traps over lethal rat bait or rat poison is that if your dog ate rat poison it could mess them up or kill them this includes any other pets such as cats as the ingredients in rat poison are often poisonous. There is a pet safe rat poison on the market. The effects of rat poison ingested by a dog or cat or any other pet can be blood in feces or urine but if in doubt call the vet for advice. The best rat bait I have found for a rat trap is peanut butter.
There are many other rat control methods such as electric rat traps, rat poison boxes or a rat bait station, live rat traps, electronic rat traps and glue rat traps. It all depends on if you are trapping rats in the house or trapping around pets or animals such as rat control on farms. Pest control products vary in effectiveness.

Rat Control Products

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wasp Control

How to get rid of wasps? There are many ways to get rid of wasps. I hate the fact at this time of the year wasps are trying to find ways into the house or outbuildings. I prefer a poison-free wasp control solution, a hanging wasp trap where I can hang the trap around the home, plants bushes or trees.

Hanging Wasp Control Product

Friday, April 22, 2005

Buy Hidden Cameras

Buy Hidden Cameras or mini spy cameras ... Why? They make a great home security device. Many hidden surveillance cameras are motion detector cameras. These mini spy cameras turn on when motion is detected. They are great if you are trying to see who is outside but more important if placed in your yard where they have a view of your garbage can or there are deer or other yard pests in your yard these mini spy cameras will alert you to their presence. When you have wireless hidden cameras they are easy to install and they can also make great nanny cams when the sitter is over. They are very affordable and great to have as an overall home security device.

Buy Hidden Cameras

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Getting Rid of Raccoons raccoon Trap

Get rid of raccoons with a raccoon trap. There are plans available for homemade raccoon traps and how to make a raccoon trap. I suggest finetuning your raccoon trapping techniques and using my raccoon trapping tips by using bait such as chicken cat food or fish for raccoon bait. How do you get rid of raccoons is by using a purchased live raccoon trap they are reasonable and you can find a live raccoon trap free shipping is not worth it when you can get a raccoon trap for a reasonable costs.

Recommended Raccoon Traps

Monday, April 18, 2005

Electronic Pest Control Do They Work?

Electronic pest control or ultrasonic pest control do they work? There is no scientific proof saying they do or don't. I have found the best pest repeller plan is to exterminate pests then use the pest repeller ultrasonic and electromagnetic, plastic pest repeller or even a solar pest repeller. A good mole pest repeller is a simple yellow sunflower pest repeller. You have also seen those windmills people have in thier yard and they make nice yard ornaments. For bat control or flying insects ultrasonic pest control may help. If it is a electronic pest control product that is used to eliminate or extermate pests many of those work rather well such as electronic rat traps, electronic insect killer, electronic scarecrow or scarer.

Recommended Electronic Pest Control Products

Sunday, April 17, 2005

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels Home Squirrel Control

Squirrel trapping is your best method for red squirrel control or flying squirrel control. If you want to know how to repel squirrels the best home made squirrel repellent is humane urine. My answer to how to get rid of squirrels with fox scent ... as I said human urine; I guess you can figure out how to apply that. You can always build squirrel trap and there are squirrel trap plans available online. The product to buy to rid of squirrels are a squirrel trap and peanuts for squirrel bait. Usually after catching a squirrel it gets progressively harder as they tend to get wise on how to get the bait out of the squirrel trap without entering the trap. Squirrel control by using squirrel traps and squirrel repellent is the most effective way to get rid of squirrel problems.

Recommended Squirrel Control Products

Mole Extermination

Ground mole extermination is the best way to get rid of moles. Trapping moles is the ultimate solution to your mole problem other than a shotgun mole trap. I have used a form of homemade mole traps. The first way is a mole pit trap. That is you dig a hole far enough below the mole runway and where you can place a small planter in the hole where the top edges are level with the runway holes. When the mole falls in it can't get out. Problem is you still have to perform the mole extermination. The second method for home made mole traps is using a standard mouse traps. How to set a mouse trap for moles is to put it perpendicular to the runway holes after you have dug the hole and place the trap so the lever lines up with the holes. Mole extermination is not easy but setting mole traps is the most effective method and the answer to mole problems. How to get rid of moles animal is a challenge as there are many home products for mole removal such as castor oil mole control, chili powder mole repellent, electronic mole deterrents, mole control pellets, spear mole traps, electronic mole repeller and other various home remedies for mole control and other mole solutions.

Recommended Mole Control Products

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Get Rid of Dogs

Get rid of dogs with a scarer. If you have a large unfenced yard keeping stray dogs out is hard. If you have a dog yourself this may not be a problem. A scarer is a device that senses a dog or some other stray animal such as deer and when they come into range they will shoot a blast of water and they are quite good. These will not only get rid of dogs but they will also get rid of animals that stray into your yard.

Scarer Motion Activated Scarecrow Reviews Recommended